Sunday, June 28, 2009

Arrival at London

The moment I got off the plane, everything felt different. Even just the smell of the air... it didn't feel anything close to what I was used to. But that's a good thing -- I'm very excited to be here!

Today was an interesting day. I was nervous about getting to the dorm by myself and without a phone, but everything worked out okay. I rode the train, the tube, and a cab to get to the dorm, all for about 15 pounds total. Huzzah! Travel success. I was, however, the last kid to arrive... oh well.

The rooms are pretty straightforward, although quite small. The bedding is nice at least. And I get my own sink! Two restrooms are also right down the hall. I live next to 5 other kids in the program, and the rest are on floor 1.

We had a brief orientation meeting to cover the basic rules, and then we were left to our own devices for the night. So, Becca, Geoff, (they both live in my hall) and I all went exploring!

I consider this my first time REALLY exploring London, considering traveling alone is usually too stressful to pay attention to anything else but the destination. I apologize for not taking many pictures... The travel + jet lag + not knowing where anything is combination really takes a toll. I had to get one of this cool car though:

Funny moment: I saw a car driving by, with the a young kid in the left side of the car, and his dad on the right. For a split second, I was REALLY confused as to why the kid was driving the car. But then I realized everything is backwards here... I felt like such an American!

Plenty more I could say, but I'd like to give a good blog post tomorrow with lots of good pictures.
I'll leave you all with a picture of Becca and I eating sushi at a really cool place where the food comes around on a conveyor belt -- delicious, and pretty cheap by London standards!Quote of the day
Jerry (a middle aged British man we met in a pub) : Well, now that I've knocked on your sports, I feel like a total wanker! (After discussing baseball and American football)



    Have an AWESOME time. Defend American sports to the death--it is possible to follow both. ;)

  2. second quote of the day:
    "How do you two know each other."
    "We met each other."

  3. What is your room number? It looks like one of the rooms in Meredith and my suite! Also, I hope you got your phone working! One more thing, I read in the paper about all these fun things to do in London for the 4th of July, which I will happily share with you as soon as we talk to one another :)

  4. Nice work Cam. Funny story about small cars in Europe. When I was in Amsterdam, I saw a band of drunk / over-medicated hooligans knock over a small car. And by band, I mean a guy and a girl. Those cars really are tiny.

    Have fun and don't forget to try some Guinness.