Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 3 - "Little people make little noises" (Kyle Glackin)

I'll open with what I like to call the "strange sign of the day" from a random street in London. Read closely, as I hope you will find this sign as entertaining as I did:

No "Hugger Mugger" is going to get my things, that's for sure!

Yesterday got off to an awesome start. We got to work with a professional actor, and not just any professional actor. Paul Ready was the lead in The Time and the Conways, the show we had watched the night before. It is the coolest feeling in the world to work with a professional actor that you have just seen perform.

So what did we do? 3 hours of Shakespeare. To most of you, that sounds pretty brutal. Even to me, it sounded brutal. I couldn't have had more fun! When he went an hour over our normal class time, I wanted him to keep going. We read through 2 sonnets, and a dialogue from Twelfth Night. He was an extraordinary teacher, and he helped us all break down Shakespeare to something understandable and "actable". He really knew his stuff... I guess he should, considering he has had many leading roles in Shakespearean plays.

After class, I went with a group of people (who had a travel agenda planned), but I didn't let them tell me what they were doing. I just wanted to go somewhere fun. =)
My plan worked. I got to see some very neat things, including: Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Parliament, and a cool museum about the "Horse Guard".

Big Ben:
The group (plus 2 random people on the left) in front of Westminster:

More of the beautiful abbey:

Every American that goes to London NEEDS this next picture. FYI, there are 5 of us in that booth:

At the Horse Guard museum. We were allowed to put on some uniforms:

Alex outside the museum with a really scary guard. He is frozen for awhile, then makes very sudden and loud position changes:

Group with a different guard:

Becca also played dress-up inside:

After all of our adventures, we headed to Liecester Square to eat dinner and go to the show. Interesting sights along the way, including this awesome piece of art drawn by CHALK. Ridiculous:

Haha! They can't have a KFC in the UK, so the have the AFC! Soon to be AGC, I wonder?

And finally, the amazing show we saw:

There's day 3! Another amazing day in the UK.
I'll leave you all with us buying a pitcher of "pimms", a delicious beverage:


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