Sunday, July 5, 2009


I don't feel like writing too much about the weekend, because it was fairly relaxing. Sadly, July 4th isn't a holiday over here, but we still had a roaring good time! Early in the day, we had to head to King's Cross station in order to get to a show. Look what we stumbled upon:I wish this worked:
We saw the show "When the Rain Stops Falling". Similar to "Time and the Conways" and "Arcadia", the show took place in many different periods of time. This one was interesting because it spanned across 4 decades, even into the future: 1959, 1988, 2013, and 2039. The show was by far the most "dramatic" we have seen, and certainly most modern. All of the characters were quite disturbed with many problems, but the show was quite captivating, and overall a very neat experience.

Later that night, we just relaxed in the dorm and played some fun group games, like "Werewolf" which is a variation on the popular game called "Mafia". Happy 4th from the UK!

And finally, TODAY. I slept in until 2:00 today... it felt so good. =)
That didn't leave much time left in the day, but with the time I did have left, I went to the Natural History Museum. Here are some shots:

There was a lot more than just the dinosaurs, but I didn't want to take too many shots.
We then went to the very popular and famous department store called "Harrods". Unfortunately we didn't get to go in because they were closing, but I plan on it at some point. You can really tell the type of people that shop there based on the cars parked outside. Here were just 2 of many (this is for you, Mase -- can you name both cars?):


  1. Cam! I like your blog. I'm very jealous you're in London. Go back to Harrods! Tell me what it looks like inside! I just read this post, but I'm going to read your previous ones sometime b/c I want to see what kind of shows you've been seeing. When do you come back? Sounds like you're having a good time, I'm glad!



  2. Mercedes SLR for the top one, and the second looks like...a Ferrari 599 GTB?