Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Days 8 - It finally rained!

Perhaps I was taunting London too much. I was TOLD that it rains like crazy here, and I happened to experience a drought-like week 1. Lo and behold, the start of this week (both today and yesterday) has been characterized by rain! Don't worry though, I didn't (and am not going to) let the rain DAMPen my day (punny)!

Day 8 was quite... lackluster, compared to the rest. Don't worry though -- I promise I'm not bored, nor will I ever be while in this amazing city. I just did boring THINGS yesterday, like buy a new travelcard and some groceries.

I did make a very cool stop yesterday, however. We went to a musical theater store, called "Dress Circle". I could have stayed there for HOURS. I'm convinced they had music for every show EVER created. Check out what I saw outside the store:

Ahh! I've always wanted to see Chicago on stage, and it has Jerry Springer in it!? Crazy. Too bad tickets are impossible to get. =(

Last night, we saw the show "The Observer". We all agreed pretty much instantly that it was our least favorite show. To be fair, the show wasn't BAD at all -- we have just seen some pretty amazing shows. In fact, in terms of production, I thought the show was quite good. The story, however, was not captivating, nor did it raise any significant questions to the audience. In addition, the two main characters were (although well-acted) hardly developed, and not very interesting.

I tried to get a good shot of the lit Big Ben through a glowing London Eye:

I was too far away, and it was a tough shot to get at night. Oh well. =(

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  1. I love the shot of Big Ben taken through the London Eye. Great idea. Next time,you will have to take a tripod with you and use a longer time exposure. Or maybe you could just bring me along?