Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 5 - "Rent the Cushion"

What a great Friday!
We started the day by watching a Shakespeare play: "As You Like It" at the Globe theater. Here is a shot of the theater (yes, it is outdoors!):
The title of this posts comes from the show. Clum's sound advice for us: "Rent the cushion". Otherwise, you will be plopped uncomfortably on a bench for the duration of the show. It is only 1 pound, and highly worth it. The show was amazing. I've never been much of a Shakespeare guy, but I quickly learned that watching Shakespeare performed (by good actors) is far superior to reading his published plays. The two best characters were Jacques, who is hilariously melancholic, and Touchstone, the comedic jester. These two had hilarious performances, and were applauded multiple times during the performance. They also pulled a stunt that I have never seen in professional theater - breaking the fourth wall (interacting with the audience). Every time they did it, however, it was hysterical!

Afterward, we hatched the brilliant plan of COOKING dinner for once, instead of eating out. We had a lot of fun, ate great food, and saved a lot of money! There were two "teams" to our dinner, that I will dub team "Italian Family" and team "Men". I think you will be able to differentiate the two teams from the following pictures:

Team "Men" enjoyed delicious, grilled 1/4 pound bacon-cheeseburgers and mashed potatoes, in addition to Strongbow cider.

Team "Italian Family" enjoyed multiple pizzas, salad, pasta, and chicken (I think).

Afterward, we all met up and spent quality time together. The end. ;)


  1. OMG YOU FOUND STRONGBOW!!!! I am insanely jealous but so happy for you.

  2. What does "Rent the Cushion" refer to? Did I miss that in your write-up?

    Great posts - keep 'em coming!