Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 9 - Professor X and Magneto

I don't care what happens today. I don't really care about anything at all... until 7:30, I should say.

Why, you might ask?

I have been looking forward to July 7, 2009 at 7:30PM the moment I knew WHO I was going to see -- two of my favorite actors, knights Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart, co-starring in the existentialist play "Waiting For Godot".

I don't even care if I hate the play, because I know that seeing these two gents hamming it up on stage together will be completely worth it.

I'm so excited for this play that I am wearing my suit. In an un-air-conditioned theater. I'm devoted to these guys. =)
Hopefully I can get an autograph if I can rush back to the stage door quick enough... I've been told that Ian McKellen likes to greet his public after a show. If I'm REALLY lucky, I'll get a picture!

As for the rest of my day:
I had class this morning (details in group blog), I made porridge, I'm going to take back my broken fan after this blog post, I'm going to eat lunch at a cheap cafe, I'm going to the National Gallery again since it is close to the theater, I'm going to eat dinner, and then I'm going to EXPERIENCE GREATNESS!

I will update this post later, so keep your eyes peeled.
CMac out.

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